Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Miley Cyrus wants to have a perfect body

Miley Cyrus wants to have a perfect body for her wedding to Liam Hemsworth. One source said, “Miley is obsessed with her body now that she’s engaged. She’s been eating super-healthy, not that she needs to at all, and working out and doing yoga and toning up. We don’t want her to go overboard, but she’s just totally into her body now and wants to be — strike that — will be what she calls ‘the hottest bride you’ve ever seen.’” “She’s just super happy and I can’t blame her. It’s such a happy time for her and she’s really excited. If she wants to work out and eat salads and swim all day, more power to her. It’s a great obsession to have and I wish I had it. It’s just so fun and rewarding " Source

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