Friday, April 6, 2012

Miley Cyrus shows her tight abs when she came out from Pilates

Miley Cyrus went to Pilates to maintain her svelte body and wore a small tight top that shows her tight abs.

One source told more! magazine, "I think Miley knows that with The Hunger Games, Liam is now a big star and women are hitting on him 24/7, throwing their numbers at him at events and proposing. It's scary."

"So she's clearly upping her game, going blonder and showing off her body more than ever. It's like she's becoming a real workout addict, letting Liam know she will do whatever it takes to keep him."

"Miley goes to classes in a Pilates gym in Beverly Hills twice a week when she's in town. And when she's on the road, she takes a couple of DVDs with her to do in the hotel room."


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