Friday, October 14, 2011

Joshua Bowman recalls being beaten by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Joshua Bowman act together in the movie Undercover and he got beaten by her.

He said, "I play a guy called Nicholas. He meets Miley's character [at college]. We meet and we're in the same class, and we kind of strike up this interest for each other. And then she's onto me cause she thinks I'm the bad guy, which I think I could be… but I don’t think I am."

"I get beat up twice: once by her and once by Jeremy Piven's character. I got beat up, so that’s not good. Nick got beat up; I didn’t get beat up," he said, but his bravado didn't hold up when pressed about the whole getting-beat-up thing. "Miley would kill me. She knows kung fu."


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